CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Test – Organic Compunds containing Nitrogen

MM : 25                                                                                        TIME : 45min.
1. Write a chemical equation each to illustrate the following reaction:
(a) Carbylamine reaction
(b) Hofmann – bromamide reaction
(c) Gabriel phthalimide synthesis
(d) Balz – Schiemann reaction
(e) Diazotisation reaction
2. Separate primary secondary and tertiary amines on the basis of Hinsberg’s method.
3. Convert the following :
(a) Aniline into fluorobenzene
(b) Toluene into p-toluic acid.
(c) Aniline to sulphanilic acid .
4. Why are amines are less acidic than alcohols of comparable molecular masses?
5. How is basic strength of aromatic amines affected by the presence of electron releasing group on the benzene ring?
6. Explain why Amino group in ethylamine is basic but not in acetamide ?
7. Out of aliphatic and aromatic amines which one is soluble in water and why?
8. Give one chemical test to distinguish between benzyl amine and anilne.
9. What happens when ethylamine is treated with CHCl3 in the presence of ethanolic KOH.
10. Discuss the importance of pH in coupling reaction.


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