Do you find it difficult to pass in Chemistry? Here are some tips to PASS!

Some students find it difficult to get pass marks in Chemistry. For them, here are some tips to get pass marks.

Chemistry generally contains three parts – inorganic, organic and physical. Most of the students find the organic part difficult to understand. It’s natural. It’s difficult to keep in mind all the formulas and equations of organic chemistry. But it’s just almost one third of the portion.

You can get more than 60% of marks by concentrating on Physical and inorganic portion.

SO, here’s a plan for those who want to pass marks in the available time.

Concentrate on Physical and inorganic part of chemistry without leaning any portion untouched. After you are confident about that, try to find out all named reactions, laws and principles.

A simple principle to follow is, learn thoroughly what you already know, then go to assimilate what you know partially.

If there are some portions you are not able to crack at all, you can leave it safely (unless it amounts to a major share)

Avoid learning new things, difficult  to understand portions in the last minute, but revise those portions which you have learnt already.

A cool mind is more productive.

Answer all questions.

This is a simple trick. If it happens by chance that some question has some error, then those attempted it will be benefitted.

Further, if you attempt the questions with an intention to score, some relevant points will also come into your answer and you may get some marks – say 1/2 or 1. These marks will add up to give you a pass marks.

So, attempt all questions with an intention to get maximum marks.

Lean all diagrams and draw them perfectly.

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