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CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Test – Solid State

MM : 25 TIME : 40 MIN.
1. Give an example of ionic compound which show Frenkel defect.
2. What type of semiconductor is obtained when silicon is doped with Arsenic?
3. How do metallic and ionic substances differ in conducting electricity ?
4. How are the following properties of the crystals affected by Schottky and Frenkel defects
(i) Density (ii) Electrical Conductivity
5. What is the number of atom in a unit cell of
(i) face centered cubic structure
(ii) body centered cubic structure
6. What are F – centers ? Why are solids containing F – centers paramagnetic?
7. Account for the following :
(i) Fe3O4 is a ferromagnetic at room temperature but becomes paramagnetic at 850 K.
(ii) Zinc oxide on heating becomes yellow.
(iii) Frenkel defect does not change the density of AgCl crystal .
8. Chromium metal crystallizes in a body centered cubic lattice . The length of the unit cell edge is found to be 287 pm . Calculate the atomic radius of chromium
9. The density of Cu metal is 8.95 g cm-3. If the radius of Cu atom is 127.8 pm . Is the copper unit cell a simple cubic , a body centered or a face centered cubic structure ?
10. A cubic solid is made of two elements X and Y . Atoms Y are at corner of the cube and X at body centre . What is the formula of the compound ?
11. Calculate the distance between Na+ and Cl- ion in NaCl crystal if its density is 2.165 g cm-3 (Molar mass on NaCl = 58.5 g mol-1 )


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