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Prepare for AISSCE (CBSE Class XII) Chemistry through selected Long ANswer Type Questions – Unit 1 – The Solid State

Chapterwise long answer type questions for AISSCE (CBSE Class XII) Chemistry

Unit 1 – The Solid State

English: The face centered cubic crystal struc...

  1. Describe the following
    1. Hexagonal close packing
    2. Cubic close packing
    3. Body centred cubic packing
  2. What are the seven types of crystal systems? Give their unit cell dimensions. Draw structures of different types of unit cells which are possible for cubic crystal system.
  3. What do you mean by stoichiometric point defects? Describe briefly the various types of stoichiometric point defects.
  4. Explain the following.
    1. Schottky defect
    2. Frenkel defect
    3. F – centres
  5. Explain the conduction behaviour of metals, semiconductors and insulators on the basis of band theory of solids. What is the effect of increase of temperature on electrical conductivity of metals, semiconductors and insulators.
  6. Explain the following with suitable examples
    1. Paramagnetic substances
    2. ferrimagnetic substances
    3. Ferromagnetic substances



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