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Electrochemistry – Long Answer Type Questions (CBSE Class XII Chemistry)

Electrochemistry – Long Answer Type Questions


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  1. What is galvanic cell?Explain the working of a galvanic cell by taking the example of Zn/CuSO4 reaction.Explain in brief the function of the salt bridge?
  2. What is electrode potential?describe the orgin of electrode potential when a metal strip is placed in a solution of its own ions.In what respects electrode potential differs from standard electrode potential?
  3. What do you understand by battery?Describe the chemistry of lead storage battery during its discharging and recharging process highlighting all the materials that are involved?
  4. What is corrosion of metals?How is rusting of iron envisaged as setting of electrochemical cell?Explain.Can a coating of tin over iron surface prevent rusting?Comment.
  5. What is meant by electrolytic conduction?On what factors does it depend?How does it differ from metallic conduction?
  6. Derive the relationship between (1) Conductivity and molar conductivity and (2)Standard cell potential and equilibrium constant?
  7. How does emf of a cell vary with temperature?Explain in brief?
  8. State and explain Kohlrausch law?How can it help to calculate (1) limiting molar conductivity of weak electrolyte and (2)degree of dissociation of weak electrolyte.
  9. How do you account for the variation of molar conductivity of weak and strong electrolytes with concentration?
  10. Iron does not rust when a coating of zinc cover its surface cracks in galvanised iron pipes , but it rusts rapidly when a coating of  tin done on its surface cracks.Explain.
  11. What is electrolysis?What role does electrode potential play while deciding the products of electrolysis?
  12. Write short note on (1)Hydrogen economy (2)Faradays-laws of electrolysis






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Obtaining copper from sulphide ore

With the help of chemical equation for the reaction describe the method of obtaining copper from sulphide ore

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