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CBSE Chemistry Class 12 Sample Paper – ALCOHOLS , PHENOLS AND ETHERS

MM : 25                                TIME : 45min.
1. Write a chemical equation each to illustrate the following reaction;
(a) Reimer – Tiemann reaction
(b) Kolbe’s reaction
(c) Coupling reaction
(d) Fischer esterification
2. Describe the mechanism of acid dehydration of ethanol to yield ethane.
3. Describe a chemical test to distinguish between Primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols.
4. Convert the following :
a. Cyclohehexanol to cyclohexan-1-one
b. Butan- 1 – ol to Butanoic acid .
c. Ethanol to 3- hydroxybutanal
d. Primary alcohol to an aldehyde
e. Ethanol to acetone
5. Explain why Phenols are much more acidic than alcohols ?
6. Explain why the boiling points of ethers are much lower than those of the alcohols of comparable molar masses?
7. What is absolute alcohol?
8. Compound A reacts with CH3MgBr reacts in presence of water gives Butan-2- ol . Bautan-2-ol in the presence of conc. H2SO4 gives B which reacts with Br2 to form C .C reacts with Alc. KOH gives D . Find A , B, C,D
9. Explain why cleavage of alkyl phenyl ethers with HBr always produces phenol and alkyl bromides and not bromobenzene and alkanols.
10. Convert the following :
(a) Phenol to Benzoquinone
(b) Anisole to Phenol
(c) Phenol to acetophenone


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